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Guild screenshot from DotA's 10th anniversary

About the Guild

Daughters of the Alliance (DotA) is an all-female World of Warcraft guild on US-Bronzebeard.

We formed through the wow_ladies LiveJournal community (and as a offshoot of our Horde sister guild which was created a short time prior) in 2005 and have been going strong ever since!

DotA has a variety of members from all over the world and a mix of people who have made Bronzebeard their home and people who like to escape here every once in a while. We have occasional guild events to get people of all levels together, a discord channel for out-of-game chat, and a raid group for those who want to see raiding beyond LFR.

If you are not on Bronzebeard now but would like to give us a try, feel free to roll an alt on the server and check us out!

Guild Ranks

Sister Mistress – Guild leader.

Elder Sister – Officer. Elder sisters handle guild invites, official raids, dealing with any problems that come up in the guild, and overall trying to keep DotA a friendly place for everyone. Feel free to chat with any Elder Sister if you have any questions or concerns about the guild.

Elder Alt – Alts of Elder Sisters!

Big Sister – Normal members with guild invite privileges.

Sister – Normal members

Little Sister – Guild initiates. Will be promoted to Sister after 30 days (assuming character is active)

Baby Sister – Demotion rank for guild members who have been hacked. They will remain here until we've confirmed their account has been recovered.