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Joining the Guild

In order to join the guild, you must...

  1. Be a woman in real life

In order to verify that you are a woman, you must have or do one of the following things:

  • Social media account that officers can view and can also use to confirm that you are who you say you are. Only well-established social media accounts will be accepted (no empty facebook accounts that have been open for 2 weeks).
  • An existing sister-rank guild member to vouch for you
  • Speak with an officer via voice chat

Having one of the above does not guarantee you will get into the guild. An officer may ask to get back to you on your membership, in which case you should make a plan to contact that officer later on (or leave them some contact information such as an email address they can use to get in touch).

In order to join, you can either /join dota in-game and speak with an officer, or whisper an officer or big sister who is online. (You can check the list of officers and big sisters on our guild page.)

After you are invited

Welcome! Lately we mostly keep guild members up to date via our Discord community. Please ask an officer for an invite to our chat.